Poor diets and childhood obesity are growing concerns in our nation, and in our own community.  There is strong evidence that students who participate in garden projects make healthier food choices, and are more physically active.  Children who plant and harvest their own fruits and vegetables are more likely to eat them.

Our environment education matches the New Jersey Core Standards and are taught throughout the school year.  In addition, teachers have the opportunity to tailor lesson plans to integrate garden “classrooms”.  Science classes are learning first hand about the life cycle of plants, math classes are finding real world applications of calculating area, art students are learning about public art as they plant garden tiles and cooking classes are being offered for students to participate in the garden to table experience.

Gardening is the ideal setting to address not only access to healthy fruits and vegetables, but promotes activities, encourage a decrease “screen” time, provide information on good nutrition and eating habits, and foster self-esteem and a supportive community as a safeguard against dis-ease including childhood obesity/diabetes.