The Grow Project is a community effort to help feed insecure families around Monmouth County.? Our gardens are 100% organic and are maintained by adult and student volunteers eager to learn about local food sources. All food harvested is donated to local families and meal sites.

We welcome you as a volunteer in our community gardens. Hands-on gardening is the perfect way for families to be active together in community service. You’ll be guided by Master Gardeners while you plant, tend, and harvest fresh organic produce, reap the reward of helping others by feeding local food insecure families, and reduce your stress in the natural setting of the garden.

Providing Hope supplements your garden experience by teaching how to incorporate what you grow into your meal planning and composting the waste to feed next year’s garden.

We are always looking for more sites. Contact us to help you start a community garden in your neighborhood. ? Join our community effort now!