Super Storm Sandy ripped through the small towns of our Jersey Shore leaving total devastation with a long road to recovery.  Families and communities needed support to rebuild and lift them up from the debris that weighed heavy for each one of them.

Providing Hope designed a commemorative beach badge as a symbol of hope for “Restoring Dreams at the JerseyShore”.

This universal symbol of access to our favorite beaches now became a unique fundraising effort for each family in need of our help to rebuild and gain access to life they once knew before Sandy.

Thank you for assisting our neighbors and families to heal and recover.

As 2013 approached, the devastation of Sandy was the center of focus at the JerseyShore.  Providing Hope expanded on their fundraising efforts by launching a community partner campaign – “Hope 4 Shore”.

Hope 4 Shore provided a foundation for communities to unite and help small businesses rebuild by offering consumers generous discounts which ran from February 2013 thru the beginning of May 2013.

This campaign offered all donors an extra incentive when they donated because they were able to access huge discounts when they wore their commemorative beach badge into over 100 small businesses around the JerseyShore.  Thank you to all our community partners who offered our donors huge discounts.

Providing Hope was able to reward local families who apply for emergency assistance monetary funds to assist them to rebuild.  The emergency assistance applications are still being received from local families still in need to rebuild, please make a generous donation today to Providing Hope.  100% percent of donations will benefit local families affected and/or displaced by the storm.