Health & Wellness Program

Providing Hope’s  Health and Wellness Program gives the students the opportunity to learn outside the traditional classroom setting. The program consists of hands- on gardening, informal nutritional lectures, and fitness.

The purpose of the program is to educate and bring awareness to a growing epidemic that impacts our youth. Childhood obesity effects at least one out of five children in the United States, and the number of overweight children continues to grow. Over the last two decades, this number has increased by more than 50 %, and the number of “extremely” overweight children has nearly doubled.

Children become overweight for a variety of reasons. In addition to genetics, the two most common factors are lack of physical activity, and unhealthy eating patterns The students learn about a entire new food source: organic vegetables and herbs. Hands on gardening is the foundation of the nutritional sessions. As students gather around picnic tables, educators help them understand the reason behind choosing an apple over a candy bar.

Students begin each session with fun and interactive exercises. The students are coached by a professional to learn simple and effective ways to incorporate exercise into their daily lives. They learn how to increase their daily movement without the need to go to a gym or use fancy equipment. Basic fundamental movements, combined with choices for healthy eating habits, provides the students with A RECIPE FOR SUCCESS.