Grow Team 2012

As the winter season winds down, students start to register for the Grow Project. Providing Hope’s Grow Project is an outdoor fun and interactive learning experience located within community organic gardens.

Our student volunteers learn from a master gardener how to first prepare soil to build up to a rich foundation. This process teaches the students about nature’s recycling plan to use organic matter which originated as a unique pile of kitchen and garden “waste”.

The students design planting space guidelines for the vegetables and herbs based on the timing of the year and the temperature of the soil. Overall excitement is seen by all on planting days, the students bond with the process of the plants being sewed into the soil.

General maintenance tips and tricks are taught to students so they don’t become overwhelmed with weeding and general maintenance. Students stay on top of the harvest they pick produce when it’s ready to supply local food insecure families with fresh produce. The rewards of the program are endless for the students. The experience of giving back to the community and learning about their food source is priceless.