Providing Hope, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) organization located in Rumson is buy custom essay online committed to improving health and quality of life in New Jersey.  Our programs are based on HOPE:

Help – Meet immediate needs;

Options – Figure out the root cause of the problem, possible solutions, and prevention;

Pathways – Identify / uncover resources and come up with a plan of action;

Encouragement – Create a supportive community to help realize highest potential.

PH initiates community-wide campaigns to increase awareness concerning current public health concerns. PH partners with local small businesses, school districts, and community organizations to organize and sponsor seminars and workshops to invite the interested public to get involved and unite.

Providing Hope NJProviding Hope’s initial efforts focused on health, wellness programs and education to include raising public awareness concerning our nation’s problem of childhood obesity.  Community-wide efforts were initiated to help feed  food insecure families. The wrath of Super Storm Sandy shifted our focus to fundraising efforts to assist families affected and/or displaced by the storm.

As we entered 2013, Providing Hope acknowledged the suffering still endured by countless local families still lost within the debris of Super Storm Sandy.   Providing Hope launched a community partner campaign which not only raised funds for local families but assisted small businesses around the Jersey Shore area to increase their traffic and help rebuild the economy.

Providing Hope started cultivating gardens throughout our local communities.  Organic gardens created a whole new healthy food source while educating our youth.  We started community gardens and reached out to the schools to provide environmental education.  But it also lead to providing a multi-layered approach to special needs education.  The garden created an intrinsic joy of learning and reinforced a sense of wonder that is often lost with those suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

We are building on our success as we partner with the Long Branch School District.  Our district wide effort will bring awareness to healthy living with the goal of growing enough produce over the course of the year to provide the daily recommended amount for every family in Long Branch who lives below the poverty line.

Your support and donations are the fuels which keep us moving forward. Providing Hope has many ways for you to become actively involved with us. If you have time to volunteer, you will find a rewarding experience that is priceless – “Providing Hope”.

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