Hope 4 Shore Community Partner Campaign

Super Storm Sandy not only impacted the lives of families,  the heart of our communities: small businesses were destroyed as well.  Providing Hope launched  “The Hope 4 Shore Community Partner Campaign”, recruiting over a 100 small businesses which provided discount services and sales to Providing Hope’s commemorative beach badge holders.

Jersey shore neighborhoods have lost some of our favorite boardwalks, restaurants, bars, beach clubs, and health clubs, yet our memories of fun times at these establishment is priceless and will last forever.  Many small businesses reopened their doors and continued to struggle with the aftermath of the economic ruin due to Sandy.

Hope 4 Shore provided a foundation for communities to help small businesses rebuild by offering their consumers wearing our commemorative beach badge generous discounts, helping to build a fragile economy in the first tourist season after the storm.


Adopt a Family

Providing Hope responded to several Super Storm Sandy Emergency Assistance Applications from Monmouth County families displaced by the storm.  Applicants requested specific assistance with renovations, furniture, appliances, clothing to assist with rebuilding their lives and homes.

Thanks to generous support of so many, Providing Hope was able to assist every eligible applicant.


Grow Project 2013

Providing Hope returned to the garden concentrating on the public health crisis of childhood obesity and its relationship to food insecurity. Working within the Long Branch Abbott School District, where 80% of the students receive free or reduced lunch, we piloted a Grow Project for K-12. Our staff developed and taught gardening classes based on the New Jersey Core Curriculum standards as well as modules on nutrition, fitness and cooking. Over a 100 students were able to take home fresh produce to feed their own families, but also gained satisfaction in knowing they helped harvest nearly 3,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables to donate to local food programs.


Plant It Program!

Building on our success over the summer, we worked to establish school-based gardens and offer classes in organic gardening, fitness, nutrition and cooking during the school day. A large part of the program was offered to special needs students, many on the Autism Spectrum, who flourish in the garden classroom settings. A mentoring program matching older students with special needs students was implemented. As a way of combatting obesity we always look for ways to incorporate opportunities for students to know themselves better, to make wise choices, and to combat the unrelenting dis-ease that we have come to believe is at the root of much ill health.